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Friday, March 11, 2011

Kembali kpd Pencipta

Shocked with the news! Student n lecturer terlibat dalam kemalangan. Ada yang meninggal!!

Advised by 10 AP) what should force a fatal road accident this afternoon.
A teacher training college students carrying the same car accident collision between the car accident lecturer, led to 3 dead 2 injured tragedy!
3 dead were teacher training college students, they are: 1: Pan Chu Qiao (19) from Penang, domestic car driver. 2: Ye Xinwei (transliteration, female, 20 years old), from Penang, rear seat passengers. 3: Igny Yan (male, Indian, 19 years old), from peace.
The two injured victims are: 1: Wu Shu Yan (transliterated, 19 years old), from Penang. Because she sustained serious injuries were sent to Taiping Hospital for treatment. 2: Ismail (50 years old, not surgery Terengganu lecturer of a teacher training), he was sent to Ipoh to Sudan thanks to strong hospital.
The accident was about 5:00 pm today, in the East Boulevard "Network Mount" a turn took place.
It is reported that four patients in Terengganu a teacher not trained teacher training colleges to take advantage of a holiday, car pool this afternoon by the Pan Qiao Chu's China-made car driving back from Penang, Terengganu, then take the Pan Chu Qiao domestic cars 3 teacher training college students Igny is sitting beside the driver seat inflammation, Yexin Wei and Wu Shu Yan is the recoil passengers.
It is reported that the vehicle made cars about 5 pm this afternoon Chi arrived there, the car somehow lost control and spun into the anti-side lane.
At this point, a lecturer from the University of driving the car CAMRY Chi just arrived there, is believed to be less than dodge, hit and spun into the lane against domestic cars on the left side, resulting in domestic passenger side of the bus beside the driver seat and after inflammation Igny Ye Xinwei passengers was seriously injured died on the spot.
Pan Chu Qiao domestic car driver was seriously injured in a car accident, should force be sent to hospital, but soon pronounced dead. With the car, another injured Wu Shu Yan, due to serious injuries and was taken to Taiping Hospital for treatment. Ismail injured lecturer (50 years) was sent to Ipoh to Sudan thanks to strong hospital.
School teachers and students belong to the same casualties
After the accident, the other four with a teacher training college, just then arrived at the scene by car and found a car accident was actually his students, very surprised and sad.
Is a coincidence, since the accident involving one of these victims, was actually their college lecturers.
At this time, the other two were subsequently lecturer in the same car arrive and see the 2 car accident was actually the same colleagues and students of the college was very shocked!
It is reported that these students are obtained after SPM, then apply to enter teacher training colleges, the results of last June was sent to Terengganu to participate in a Teacher Training College for 5 years and a half training courses.
This three lecturers is the day before yesterday to Ipoh to attend a 2-day meeting of education topics, return to college after the end of today's meeting, arrived Zhaohuo sites, but unfortunately an accident.
Carpool followed the arrival of two lecturers, but also dismay over this.
Currently the two lecturers are advised to force the hospital, and another four students together, they have notified the victims call the family.
光华电子新闻 | 宜力东西大道致命车祸 3师训学院生惨死光华日报 1910年创刊 创新每一天生活光华电子新闻 | 1910年创刊 创新每一天生活光华日报 1910年创刊 创新每一天生活

serius terkejut giler..dapat berita masa pukul 8.00pm semalam sebab yang terlibat tu, my junior and also my lecturer.. Walaupun xkenal sangat pn dengan lecturer n junior tu, tapi serius terkejut n sad bg pihak family dorang.

Yang lagi wat saya shocked tu bile kmalangn tu melibatkan lecturer n student kat jalan Grik.

pastu, pagi ni, p citer kat abah n mama. Lecturer tu upenyer duk dekat my village  jugak. 

Hari tu, kawan my sista meninggal. Kemalangan ugak. Kakak ckp, hari ni, okke je duk borak-borak, guraw-guraw. Taw2, esoknye, kawan tu dah xde. Classmate dy sumer down. Sebab, sekelas just ada 11 orang, sorang xde, tinggal lagi 10 org. Bila sorang xde, mesti sangat2 terasa kehilangan tu. Da la tetibe je..huhu

Kalau da ajal kite en, sat je Allah nak ambik. Sebab ajal kita, xtahu bila. Mana taw, kalau sy skang ni duk ngadap lappy ni, tetiba lappy meletop..n sy da xde... amalan xcukup lagi ni. dosa menimbun agy..kawen belum agy..heisyh! Takuutt~ :-(


A'A said...

"belum kawen lg" ayt mhl 2..... haha

wardatulhumayra said...

aik? yg tu nmpk ek? kemain dah nk sorok tu.. :)
kawen tu..slow2 kit..maluu..ngee :")

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