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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Random thought

17 Disember 2013

Akhir tahun. Tengah bulan. Separuh cuti sem.
Ada 13 hari lagi sebelum tahun 2013 berakhir.
That's mean I still have 13 days before my school start.
13 days at home I feel nothing. Cuti kali ni tak berapa nak produktif mana. Sekadar tidur, bangun, kemas rumah, makan, tengok tv, and do some housekeeping. Practicing to be a better wife while her husband was away. Hiks!

But, actually I've task to be done. I need to read sirah and do some shortnotes. Well, I'll do it later. Sebab sirah tu agak panjang (ofcourse!) dan bahasa dia boleh buat mata tutup 2 3 kali, and also I need to read it on-the-screen. Ngadap skrin laptop ni lama-lama, rasanya nanti power spectacles ni pun naik t.

Maybe I didn't plan well for this holiday, so it think each day that pass away is too long. When seeing my husband post his picture while playing with snow, I feel I little bit jealous. If I had some money...

If and only if.. 

Kalaulah ade pintu doremon, kan best cenggitu.

So, disebabkan separuh cuti dah burn gitu aje, so I think that the rest of this holiday, I'll do something better. 

Like, doing some reading and do a short notes and also find a topic for my action research next year, and ouh! nak kemaskan buku rph sikit. Tambah warna-warni. Because that book might be useful during my interview next year. 

Harap sangat kena interview awal-awal, so I can further my plan for holidays. Tudeaa, kemain rancang nak bercuti je.. Padahal tahun depan banyak lagi perkara yang nak kena face.

- praktikum fasa 3
- reception day (maybe end of July or early August)
- internship
- thesis (action research)
- viva

Aku rasa macam takde masa, walhal masa tu banyak je terluang. Rasa takda masa sebab masa tu tak digunakan dengan sebaiknya. 

Mungkin when I started to write and remind about this thing, I 'll keep tract on what I'm doing.

I wanna be the best, but if there's no action to be the best, so ''I wanna be the best" will just burn out like that, like ashes.
So, walk your words.

I don't want to talk or write more, 'coz I afraid if I cannot fulfill everything that I promised myself to do this and that.

I am the person like that. Afraid of my own words and my own wrongdoings.'

So, that's all.
Random thought..

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